About me 🏄

Where do I start? My design journey began when I was a 15-year-old kid, fell in love with a football game and I wanted to share with the whole world my tips and strategies. It led me to design and I built my own website hosted at Yahoo!, with a cracked version of Photoshop. And then my first index.html was published 🥳.

Education 🎓

I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic and the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Information Technology. (Not exactly design trained.

I studied Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and Psychology in uni which helped tremendously!)

My journey 🎒

I started getting better at designing websites. I was quickly getting requests to design websites for small companies and it got me some serious money which led me to lot of years freelancing before I ended up at Yahoo! (what a coincidence) as a UX Designer.

My first ever corporate career kicked off at this giant company in 2010. It was the only US tech company in Singapore back then!

Resume 💼

Bytedance / TikTok

Video social network

Global Design Leader

Oct 2023 — Present
  • Pay seamlessly for the products you love on TikTok Shop, get paid fuss-free as TikTok Creators.
  • TikTok Pay Later in emerging markets
  • Tokopedia acquisition in Indonesia


Southeast Asia's Super App

Senior Principal Product Designer

Oct 2016 — Present
  • Digital wallet GrabPay, micro-investing GrabInvest, and digibank, GxS. When I was at Grab Ventures, I designed and launched Groceries in Indonesia and Thailand, supported the expansion of Grab Kitchen, our cloud/ghost kitchen in Indonesia too.
  • I was part of the founding team of Grab-Singtel Digibank that secured the MAS digibank license. I was also part of the core team that raised and secured Series A of Grab Financial’s $300M💰 funding.
  • I was awarded the CEO Award 🏆 for my exemplary performance in 2018, having been promoted twice, once as a Manager and again in 2019 as a Principal (IC).


M/L personalisation platform

Senior UX Designer

Jan 2014 — Dec 2015
  • Planned, crafted, launched a responsive web design system for merchants, developed code components in HTML/CSS for engineers.
  • Guided customers through their full shopping journey from discovery to upsell.


American e-commerce platform

UX Designer

Jan 2010 — Dec 2012
  • Custom brand partnership for APAC
  • Yahoo! Design, build, launch microsites with brand partners like Nike, HP, Dell and more


American web services provider

UX Designer

Jan 2010 — Dec 2012
  • Yahoo! News, with teams in Sunnyvale, Santa Monica.
  • Yahoo! Screen, in-house video platform for millions of US-based customers.

Side Gigs


Co-founder of Indo-fusion Poke and Acai food brand in Singapore.


Co-founded property valuation tool for Singapore based home owners. (Sunsetted)


Co-founded Malay community directory of small business in Singapore. (Sunsetted)


Founded an events platform focusing on nightlife, music festivals in Singapore. (Sunsetted)


Co-founded design/development studio in Singapore. (Sunsetted)

Boards & Stuff

Designed and developed first skateboarding online store in Singapore. (Sunsetted)