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You can reach out to me through this form and webflow will do its magic. No, it will not end up in my Junk folder and no, I won't ignore you.

I promise.

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Are you open for freelance or contract work?

No, but I am open to collaborating, partnering or investing in something that interests me. Please reach out and we can go from there!

Are you currently looking for full-time opportunities?

I am mission-driven. Tell me the mission, I'll let you know if it aligns with my values and aspirations.

Are you open for guest speaker or article collaborations?

Yes. I have done a couple of talks at ProductTank, UX360 and in schools too. I am passionate about Design Leadership, importance of IC-track in companies, empowering teams and innovation within companies.

Are you open for video or podcast collaborations?

I haven't tried this yet but very open to it :)