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This template has helped many of my mentees score interviews and land their jobs. You can also find examples of portfolios from my mentees.

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Jul 20, 2023
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I'm Sherizan, Senior Principal Product Designer @ Grab. I've had over 15+ years of experience in Product and UX Design, having been at Yahoo, eBay, and most recently Grab. I created this template simply because I needed it to present my projects at work to my stakeholders.

During my mentorship sessions at ADPList, I found many designers struggle to put together a compelling portfolio. The answer? Leverage an existing template that the industry is currently using to present their work to stakeholders.

I've also been part of the Interview Panel where I interview more than 100+ candidates to date. I've listed down in the template what Hiring Managers are looking for.

This template has helped many of my mentees score interviews and land their jobs. You can also find examples of portfolios from my mentees.

Hope this will help you secure that dream job!


  1. Why pay?
    Thank you for your interest in my Product Designer Portfolio template! While I understand the appeal of offering it for free, there are several compelling reasons why I have chosen to put a price on this valuable resource.
  2. First and foremost, charging a price for the template reflects its true worth and quality. By investing in this template, you're gaining access to a meticulously crafted template that can significantly enhance your chances of securing that job as a Product Designer.
  3. By placing a price on the template, I am encouraging you to take it seriously and make the most out of it. When you invest your hard-earned money in a resource like this, you're more likely to dedicate time and effort to working on it, maximizing its benefits, and achieving remarkable results in your portfolio development.
  4. Additionally, charging a price allows me to continue creating and providing high-quality resources like this in the future. It supports my ability to invest time and expertise into refining and updating the template based on valuable user feedback and emerging design trends. Ultimately, it ensures a sustainable ecosystem where I can continuously deliver valuable tools to help aspiring Product Designers like yourself succeed.
  5. Rest assured, the price is set at a fair and competitive rate, considering the immense value and potential impact it can bring to your career. I am confident that the investment you make in this template will be well worth it, and it will serve as a valuable asset in showcasing your skills, securing interviews, and landing your desired Product Designer role.
  6. What's next?
    You will be invited to join my Discord channel, and I will be there to address your questions and help you review your portfolio, and prep you for the interviews. You got this!

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